Explore Our Cannabis Oils To Indulge Your Senses

Our oils are the purest expression of super-critical Co2 cannabis extract. No cutting agents or additives, no wax or other organic residue, just the purest form of whole cannabis extract.

Sativa Cannabis Oil Extract

Sativa Cannabis Oil

Sense sativa provides an uplifting and motivating daytime experience. Great for outdoor activities as well as enjoying your favorite movie.

Hybrid Cannabis Oil Extract

Hybrid Cannabis Oil

Sense hybrid is a balance between sativa and indica. Less active than pure sativa while less sedative than indica, Sense hybrid gets you in the happy hour mood any time of day.

Sativa Cannabis Oil Extract

Indica Cannabis Oil

Sense indica is the classic relaxing cannabis experience. Generally preferred for evening or before bedtime. Great for pain management, relaxation and anxiety any time of day.

CBD Cannabis Oil Extract

CBD Cannabis Oil

Sense CBD is a 1:1 (THC:CBD) strain that while somewhat less psychoactive still provides all the benefits of CBD with a measured THC experience. Sense CBD oils are perfect any time of day.