The Cannabis Vaporizer Pen That Offers a Cleaner and Healthier Experience

Sense Luxe Cannabis Oil Extract Vaporizer Pen

Combined with the Sense cannabis oils you now have the opportunity to vape cannabis extracts without cutting agents or additives, no wax or other organic residue, no de-constructed or artificially flavored oils, just the purest form of whole cannabis extract.

The Sense Luxe Vape Pen

With careful attention to every detail Sense provides superior products with uncompromised dedication to purity and quality. We are committed to bring you the very best. Sense products are all made with only the highest quality ingredients and components.

From our long lasting, compact, programmable and reliable battery, to our unique down-flow cartridge made only from ceramic, pyrex glass and steel, to our AAA grade organic agave syrup, to our full-spectrum C02 oils, when you buy Sense you’re getting the best!

With the majority of vaporizer products being distillate there is no guarantee of the input quality. Distillate can be made from any grade or quality of cannabis, even waste.

Sense Luxe Vaporizer Pen Box

If any trace of THC is present, THC can be distilled. With Sense products you’re getting the purest full spectrum extract including all cannabinoids, not just THC.

Sense only uses single or first pull full spectrum C02 extraction. We do not breakdown or separate cannabinoids and terpenes. The entourage effect from consuming whole plant cannabis is directly translated through our C02 oils.

The Sense vaping experience is indistinguishable from smoking or vaping flower. Unlike infused distillates with a peaky and short lived THC only high, the Sense C02 experience is a whole plant experience.

As opposed to 15-20 minute “THC blast” from vaping distillate, Sense oils provide the same long slow experience curve found in smoking or vaping whole flower.