Why Sense?

Sense elevates cannabis culture by designing products that are visually beautiful, feel good, and work well.

Beyond traditional marijuana stereotypes and stigma, Sense is on a mission to connect with a broader sophisticated cannabis market.

Today, people from all walks of life are beginning to view cannabis as an integral element in their path to wellness, both medicinally and recreationally.

Founders, Andy Shotts and Jeff Cancilla noticed that the cannbis market did not offer esthetically beautiful products.

Sense meets the needs of a broad sophisticated market place, superior, sustainably sourced cannabis, and luxurious CBD skin care.

Sense is a pioneer in using “clean” hardware technology, stainless steel, and pyrex glass with wickless ceramic coil cartridge.

Forget about plastic cartridges leaching toxins into your vapor, forget about the burned aftertaste from steel heating coils.

Sense also offers improved battery technology, progressive lighting indicator for battery charging, in use charge level indicator, voltage settings, and preheat functions.

Our oils are the purest expression of super-critical Co2 cannabis extract. No cutting agents or additives, no wax or other organic residue, just the purest form of whole cannabis extract.

The Sense experience is focusing on quality, purity, sophistication, and personal experience.

Sense products appeal to a broad and ever expanding market.

Look for Sense Cannabis and CBD products at a dispensary or retailer near you.